How much product is in a scoop?
Our scoop is a true .76m3 – A scoop of product will cover approx 12m2 at a 50mm depth.

How do I order lawn and when will it be available?
You can order lawn by phone or by vising the retail office. All lawn orders must be paid in full at the time of ordering. There may be a wait on lawn orders depending on availability, for full T&C on lawn please call (08) 8562 2177 for more information.

Why is the PH level different on my results?
Soils, composts & other organic material cannot be PH tested with house hold kits. These are designed for testing mineral based products. Any organic material must be tested under laboratory conditions to achieve an accurate result.

Mulching Advice
Keep mulch at least 15cm away from the stems of plants & water down when first applying. Much is recommended to be laid at a 50mm depth. Mulch is a natural product, some size colour and shape variations will occur.

Advice regarding use of Soils, Composts etc.
Some of the mixtures we sell are created from natural products, they will contain a variety of living micro-organisms. On rare occasions, environmental organisms have been associated with illness in humans. This kind of infection can occur after inhaling soil particles or airborne water droplets. This usually occurs when the soil or water reaches a high temperature. You should not be alarmed by this report as the risk is very low.

Here are some precautions to minimise the risk as recommended by SA Health Commission:

    • Dampen soil before using to stop dust becoming airborne
    • Consiter wearing gloves and masks for yur own piece of mind

Gardens are living and breathing places that harbour germs, so it is important to always wash your hands after gardening