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Mondays & Thursdays      8:30am – 4:30pm

By Appointment only, for 30 or more drums
Please call (08) 8562 2177 to book an appointment

We will not be open for DrumMUSTER container drop off, on days forecasted as 36˚ or over

The drumMUSTER containers are collected and delivered to materials recovery centres where they are recycled into items such as wheelie bins, fence posts and garden stakes.
Disposing of empty agvet chemical containers in the right way is crucial to the reputation and sustainability of the agricultural industry in Australia. By using the drumMUSTER recycling program you can turn your unwanted containers into useful, sustainable products rather than having them placed into landfill or building up on farm.
drumMUSTER provides a full cradle to grave waste cycle for agvet chemical containers, enabling the re-use of the recycled plastic and steel.

To be eligible for recycling, Drums MUST:
BE CLEAN: Any drums that still have chemicals inside and require further cleaning, will be turned away. Drums CAN NOT be cleaned on the site, they must be clean before arrival to be accepted.
LIDS REMOVED: All drums need to have lids removed, lids on drums are made from a different type of plastic that is not accepted by DrumMUSTER.
ELIGIBLE: All containers must be accepted by DrumMUSTER. Most eligible containers will be stamped or marked with the logo above. To see if your containers are eligible, you can visit the DrumMUSTER website. http://www.drummuster.org.au


Kuchel Contractors is a registered DrumMUSTER recycling depot