Green Organics Recycling Facility & Environmental Commitment

Kuchel’s operate a Green Organics Recycling Facility in co-operation with Jeffries – the Compost, Soil & Mulch experts.

Local green waste is collected and transported to Jeffries yard in Wingfield where it is then sorted, mulched and then composted by them.  It is then returned to the soil in gardens and vineyards in and around the Barossa Valley in the form of compost as well as processed into various decorative mulches for the home gardener.

This service is available not only to the local Barossa Council who collect greenwaste from rate payers, but also to Maintenance Landscape Gardeners as well as the home gardener, who are all able to bring in their organic waste (if it didn’t grow – it doesn’t go!!) to Kuchels for a small charge.

Kuchels are committed to the environment

Over 4,000 trees have been planted on their 15 acre site which are now well established.

On site there is rain water capacity of over 180,000 litres & a large lake used for recycling water which is then used for washing trucks & equipment. The lake is also home to Eastern banjo frogs, Common Froglets, Swamp Hens, Cranes, Shags, Spoon Bills, Ibis’ and  yabbies – a testament to the good health of the waterway.

All used oil, coolant & filters are collected by registered waste disposal providers, old brake linings are exchanged by brake lining providers, and used tyres are taken by their tyre company to be shredded / recycled.

In an effort to reduce their power bills and to invest in a renewable energy source, Kuchels have installed a 30kw Solar System.  This system consists pf 132 Poly Panels with 6 x 5kw Samil Inverters that has been installed by local Barossa Valley agents

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